Tom Hanks Has The Best Reaction To Nepotism Debate Over His Children Working In Showbiz: “This Is A Family Business”

Tom Hanks opens up about the nepotism debacle, calls it “a family business” (Photo Credits – Wikimedia)

Popular Hollywood actor Tom Hanks is busy promoting his upcoming film A Man Called Otto where his family (his son and wife) has also been a part of the project. Now, in a recent media interaction, the actor spoke about the defeat of nepotism over the years and defended his kids for being in the line of showbiz. Scroll down to get the scoop!

Hanks has four children – two (Colin and Elizabeth Hanks) with his first wife, Samantha Lewis, and two with Rita Wilson, Chet and Truman. Nepotism has become a buzz word in showbiz, be it in any industry – Bollywood, Tollywood, or Hollywood and now celebrities have started speaking about it in a general way.

Speaking to Reuters (via The Sun), in a video, Tom Hanks He can be heard talking about his ‘family business’. He said that he and his four children have been involved in some brand of storytelling and are very creative. He shared, “Look this is a family business. This is what we have always been doing. All our children have grown up in this. If we ran a plumbing supply business or ran a flower shop down the street, the whole family would be contributing time at some point, even if it was just inventory in the end. The year.”

Tom Hanks further explained that it is the work that counts and not the last name. He revealed, “The thing that doesn’t change no matter what happens, no matter what your last name is, is whether it works or not. That’s the point whenever any of us go out and try to tell a new story.” Tries or creates something that has a beginning and a middle and an end. It doesn’t matter what our last name is. We have to work to make it a true and authentic experience for the audience.

For Tom Hanks, “It’s a lot more work than worrying whether someone’s going to try to scare us.”

And, well, we couldn’t agree more. In the film, A Man Called Her Son Truman The Oscar-winning character can be seen playing the young version of Otto. On the other hand, his wife Rita Wilson co-wrote and sang an original song in the film, co-producing with Hanks.

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