Tom Hardy Is Internet’s English Boyfriend Who Can Give You Butterflies With His ‘Dreamy Boyfriend’ Look To Terrorize You With His ‘Villainous’ Features

Best form of Tom Hardy; From an English sweetheart to a ruthless baddie – watch this (Photo Credits – Wikimedia)

Tom Hardy is one of the most talented actors of all time in the Hollywood industry. The actor has given us tons of incredible movies from Tabu to Venom, and fans really love his presence on screen. Apart from his acting skills, the actor is also appreciated for presenting himself on-screen and off-screen.

Today we bring you five moments from Hardy’s life where he truly shows his personality from a lover to a villainous devil.

1. One where Tom Hardy gives us ‘dreamy boyfriend’ vibes with his big doe cute eyes!

Tom Hardy is one of the most loved and loved actors in the Hollywood industry, and rightly so if he looks like a darling in the above post. Although the image was entirely black and white, pure innocence could be seen on Tom’s face as he patiently watched a game. The watch on his left hand and the bracelet on his right gave a fine touch to the actor’s look.

2. The One Where Hardy Brings the Perfect Rom-Com Novel ‘CEO’ Look!

Keeping the cute factor aside, Tom Hardy can score high when it comes to bringing class to the table. Dressed in a dark green and white two-piece suit, the ‘This Means War’ actor certainly won a lot of hearts.

3. The One Where Tom Hardy Goes All Macho

Well, not everyone can create a gangster look like Tom Hardy. The above post is a clear example of the alpha vibes the Venom actor brought with him. The way she set her hair back, complementing the overall look with her watch on one side and a bracelet on the other, was just perfect.

4. One Look Where Hardy Can Make You a Bone Rattle

Tom Hardy can be as fluid as water when it comes to change. From being an absolute darling to becoming a ruthless bad*ss. The post above shows the actor in a very serious role and this is clearly shown in the image with his character Portal.

5. The one where Hardy channelizes his inner demons

Well, he can knock a grown man down on his knees with this look. With his tattooed body and a cold blood on his face, Hardy really checks out to be a villain in every sense.

out of five who look Tom Hardy Do you have a personal favourite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

photo credit: tomhardyvariations

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