Tom Holland Reportedly Signs Not 1 Or 2 But 6 ‘Spider-Man’ Films Deal & Fans Are Going Crazy: “Man’s Gonna Get Robert Downey’s 75 Million Check Per Movie…”

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Tom Holland has reportedly signed a new Spider-Man deal (Photo Credits – Facebook)

Rumors are rife that Tom Holland has signed a new contract for Spider-Man, and fans can’t stop talking about it. since 2021 no way homeAfter all, fans have been speculating about what’s next for Tom as a wall crawler in the MCU. It has been suggested that he will return for a fourth film.

Others say that there will be another trilogy with the actor. Many also want Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire to return to the MCU as superheroes for the next film, after reprising their roles in No Way Home.

While these are all rumours, it is now said that Tom Holland has signed a new deal with Marvel and Sony. the alleged deal would allow avengers: endgame The actor was cast as Spider-Man in three more films, as well as Daredevil: Born Again, The Kong Dynasty and Secret Wars. Apart from this, not much has been revealed about it yet but it is enough to raise the expectations of the fans.

“I see you all saying that Tom Holland has signed a deal, and I, someone who’s been in this live-action Spidey fight from the start (2002), aren’t getting my hopes up until unless the guy himself screwed it up on Instagram,” wrote one fan.

Another Spider-Man fan said, “The man is going to get Robert Downey’s 75 million check per film contract soon.”

The third said, “Since he’s my favorite #SpiderMan, this is great news, I can’t wait to.”

Another wrote, “It’s true, this guy had so much potential to be the best Spider-Man you can be.”

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Talking about fans wishing to see the three Spideies sharing the screen again, it was said that Tobey Maguire also expressed his interest in it. However, the makers are focusing on Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.

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