Tony Awards Viewership Up From 2021, Down From Pre-Pandemic Levels

75th Annual Tony Award The show’s traditional June berth signaled a return to normalcy for the Broadway community by airing for the first time in three years. The three-hour broadcast, broadcast live on CBS coast-to-coast for the first time and streaming on the Paramount+ and CBS digital platforms, attracted 3.86 million viewers across time zone-adjusted Nielsen ratings.

Compared to the 2021 Tony telecast, a brief two-hour ceremony titled The Tony Awards Present: Broadway’s Back (2.77 million), which aired in late September against Sunday Night Football On the East Coast and on the season premiere Big 4 Network, last night’s case, which faced Fox Duncanville As the only original regular competition on major broadcast networks, the was up +39%.

Versus the final traditional, three-hour June edition of the Tony Awards in 2019 (5.40 million), which faced a big Stanley Cup game on NBC, last night’s show was down -29%, the second lowest since only 2021 There was a ceremony to be seen. broadcast

Still, underscoring the declining returns for broadcast TV, the Tony Awards last night was the second most-watched event, behind only its lead-in, a 60 minutes Replay (5.3 million).

The Lehman Trilogy, Company, A Strange Loop, MJ, And take me out was among the big winners at the 2022 Tony Awards, which delivered the most-watched live-streams on the Paramount+ and CBS platforms, up 30% year over year.

The Tony Awards had a strong following on social media, with #TonyAwards trending in the top 10 in the US for 12 hours, and the #TonyAwards2022 both reaching #1.