Top 10 Turkish TV Series in Google Search | Turkish Series: Teammy

Google search

On Wednesday, December 7, a New Year’s party was held at Google’s Turkey office, presenting the results for 2022. Google has officially unveiled the top 10 most searched words in Turkey in every category, including the most popular TV shows.

The most wanted Turkish series in search engine trends in Turkey in 2022 are:

10. The Bad Penny / UK Kurus. Despite the fact that the series did not arouse much enthusiasm among Turkish viewers and was canceled after the first season, Internet users were interested in it.

9. The Trial / Yergi. One of the most successful series in Turkey, which aroused interest among Turkish viewers for the second season in a row and is successfully sold abroad.

8. More beautiful than you / Senden Daha Guzel. Romantic summer comedies have traditionally been of interest to younger audiences, who are more inclined to use modern technologies, including search engines. Alas, the ratings of the series were not as good as the popularity on the net and it was quickly canceled due to low ratings.

7. Bandi/Mahkum. The project of the famous producer Fatih Aksoy very successfully debuted on the Turkish air, causing great interest among the audience. Alas, as soon as the script for the original Korean series, on the basis of which the Turkish show was created, was finished, the screenwriters could not hold the audience’s interest and the series took an early finale.

6. Midnight in the Pera Palace / Pera Palasta Geis Yerici. Netflix series, which generated a lot of interest from both Turkish and international audiences. Historical fantasy has become a popular genre, and it is not surprising that the shooting of the second season of the popular show will begin in the summer.

5. Erson Kuneri. Another Netflix series that turned out to be unclaimed by international Netflix subscribers, but made a big splash in Turkey. There is a simple explanation for this – national humor is often not very clear to people who do not belong to this culture, but comedy series and films often become ratings leaders in the country of origin.

4. Dusty edge / Tozlu yaka. The summer series, which, as expected, aroused interest among young viewers, which explains the interest in search engines. Alas, this did not affect television ratings: the show was at the bottom of the ratings table.

3. Life As It Is / Gelsin Hyatt Building Gibi. Although the series started in the summer and a large part of the plot is devoted to young actors, it cannot be called a typical summer series. The show is successfully held in the ratings and arouses great interest not only in social networks, but also among ordinary viewers.

2. Listen to me / Day Benny. Once again, a summer youth story topped the search, giving a clear indication of which age group of its audience is most digitally active. Again, this does not affect the rating in any way. The TV show has already been finalized due to low ratings.

1. Golden Boy / Yali Çapkını. This time, the interests of young viewers using modern technologies and older viewers watching TV coincided perfectly. OGM Pictures’ series not only topped Google trends, but also topped ratings in Turkey, becoming the most watched series of the year.

Many Turkish celebrities were present at the year-end announcement party, including Hande Ercel, Ezgi Mola, Bensu Söral, Mire Danar, Sukru Özildız, Ekin Koç and many others.