‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Duo Joseph Kosinski & Jerry Bruckheimer On The Physical Toll Of Those Aerial Stunts, And The Possibility Of Another Sequel – Contenders LA3C

tom cruise became notorious for doing his own stunts, and Top Gun: Maverick There is no exception. In fact, the entire cast underwent intense training to perform many of the wild aerial stunts that audiences saw on screen when they arrived in theaters in May to watch Cruise reprise his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. It took more than three decades. The film hit the big screen.

speaking late deadline Contender LA3C Panel, Director joseph kosinski and manufacturer jerry bruckheimer detailed the physical limits to which each actor was willing to push themselves to bring the picture to life – and the lengths Cruise was willing to go to accomplish it.

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“I knew we’d be able to get Tom on the plane, but we weren’t sure about the rest of the cast,” Kosinki told the audience at the JW Marriott in LA Live. “So, Tom created this three-month course for all the actors, starting with a very simple airplane and working their way up to Navy jets. They were all able to do all their scenes realistically in jets.” were capable of, which is just phenomenal because you can’t imagine how physically difficult it is to do what they’re doing. They’re flying with real Top Gun pilots. They’re doing the same maneuvers, in training they The more intense maneuvers they do, the more intense they are.

The training did not consist only of aerobatics. This included water survival, Bruckheimer said, describing one of the situations each cast member faced. “They blindfolded them and put them in a cage, submerged them in water about six or eight feet down and turned them upside down,” he said. “He had to figure out how to break out of that cage.”

The months of training and even more time spent filming these stunts certainly took a toll on the cast, though Kosinski said he wasn’t going to let that stop him from getting the scenes right.

“I think some of them had a hard time, but they didn’t tell me,” he said. “They would really just keep it under wraps because they wanted to make sure we were getting everything we needed.”

In fact, Bruckheimer revealed, there is only one actor who didn’t get sick during training or during filming: Monica Barbaro. “The female is the strongest,” he said.

the success of Top Gun: Maverick has raised questions about whether audiences can expect another film in the near future, or if it could take another 35 years to get top gun 3 on the big screen. With all RogueKosinki said it would come down to finding a story that needed to be told.

“Is there another story that’s so compelling that we need to go back?” He said, “At the end of this movie, I feel like Maverick’s got some gas left in the tank. He’s not calming down.”

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