‘Transparent’ Actress Alexandra Billings To Star And Executive Produce Trans Revolutionary Indie Feature ‘Queen Tut’

SAG Award-nominee alexandra billings ,transparent), and executive produce the upcoming trans revolutionary indie feature, break queen,

FAE Pictures is financing and producing the film in association with Hawkeye Pictures, with participation from Telefilm Canada and Ontario Creates. Manufacturer team will attend Cannes market meeting with international sales prospects.

break queen Will be directed by Egyptian-Canadian up-and-coming filmmaker Reem Morsi (the last mark), and is based on a script from Brian Marks, Kewe Mohebbi and Abdul Malik. Story follows a shy Egyptian teenager searching for a new life in Toronto after his seamstress mother passes away in Cairo. He befriends a trans mother, played by Billings, who inspires him to resurrect his mother’s spirit in his own right, sewing and donning a magnum opus dress she never completed.

Production is expected to begin in August at Cinespace Studios in Toronto in partnership with York University Motion Media Studios. Producer is Shant Joshi (framing agnes) and Lindsay Blair Goldner (learn to swim) FAE Pictures with Aeschylus Paulos (sleeping giant) and Sonya Di Rienzo (brother) executive producer of Hawkeye Pictures.

The project was selected for the Canadian Creative Accelerator in Los Angeles, the Ontario Creates International Financing Forum, the Inside Out Film Finance Forum and the Whistler Power Pitch.

break queen A next step in the development of FAE Pictures, a production company on a mission to free Hollywood from colonization. The company has recently launched documentary framing agnes On Receives 2 Awards at Sundance, Rosario Dawson Announced to Join Executive Producer of Their Upcoming GLAAD Listed Trans-Led Romcom live againand will present the recently completed horror film in flames At the Frontier Market in Cannes.

“It’s a film about family. About the chosen family and the born family and the historical value of the queer revolution. The generational dialogue is a spiritual experience and every character resonates with a deep sense of beauty, strength and hope,” Billings said. “It is the trans experience; handed down from one human being to another. And whether it is family blood or that family is a divine intervention, humanity blossoms when we all share a share of each other’s experience. I I am extremely honored to be a part of it.”

“I am very excited to take this next step with Alexandra,” says producer Shant Joshi, “someone who has tirelessly ignited the path to gay and trans lives and has consistently spread words of kindness, love and wisdom to human beings.” is distributing. The world through her advocacy and her work on the page, on stage and on screen. I’m so privileged to have the opportunity to work with him to tell this story about a young queer brown boy himself in Toronto’s drag underworld.

Alexandra Billings is represented by Artists & Representatives and Billy Miller Management.