Tucker Carlson & Don Lemon Exits Draw Strong Reactions From ‘The View’ Hosts, Sean Hannity, ‘The Daily Show’ & Many More

As reported that both 235334983/">tucker carlson And don lemon As they hit the front pages this morning, several boldface names began to respond, mainly to Carlson’s departure.

Newsmax CEO Christopher Rudy used this as an opportunity to plug his network.

“For a while Fox News moving to become the establishment media and tucker carlsonThe removal of is a major milestone in that effort. Millions of viewers who loved the old Fox News have switched to Newsmax and Tucker’s departure will only fuel that trend,” Rudy wrote.

Keith Oberman, no stranger to cable news and a multi-network guy himself, wrote, “I just want to congratulate @Tucker Carlson when taken out of the way @CNN and to the left @msnbc and fascist right @Fox News,

The ladies of The View announce and applaud Carlson’s departure from the East CNN Contributor Anna Navarro led the audience in a round of “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.”

The Daily Show went at both hosts, with Carlson taking a dig at the news, “It leaves a huge white power vacuum at Fox News,” and the CNN anchor, “don lemon He was fired from doing what he loved: being wrong.

Sean Hannity did not mention Carlson’s exit, tweeting, “*Lemon later!*”

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