Tucker Carlson Says “Honestly” Doesn’t Know Why Fox Pulled Him Off The Air, & He’s Good With That – Kinda

“I don̵7;t know why I was fired, I really don’t know,” declared tucker carlson today on his sudden departure from Akashvani Fox News on 24 april, The former primetime host told Pal, “I’m not angry about it.” russell brand, “To be honest, I don’t know.”

“I was surprised,” Carlsen said at another point in the heavily publicized interview. “I didn’t know you expected to be fired that April morning. So, I was shocked, but I wasn’t really shocked. And I wasn’t mad. This is not my company. And when you work for someone else, that person reserves the right and in fact has a natural right to decide whether you work there or not.

Carlson, a one-time GOP kingpin, said, “You can believe me or not, but…I wish Fox well.”

Carlsen may wish his former employer well, but the tussle between the two sides over his expiring 2025 contract worth more than $20 million and his fresh-faced Twitter showdown showed more goodwill between the parties on Friday Did not see touching on topics such as Donald Trump (Tucker now says he loves the former) celebrity apprentice host) rural life, Brutalist architecture, and the January 6 attack on the Capitol (“not an insurrection,” according to Carlson, a self-proclaimed violence hater), conversations with Brand on the latter’s Rumble show took a dark turn when it Fox and his pink slippage were caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Light on his narrative feet and clearly aware of any legal repercussions, Carlson simultaneously offered two opinions on the company and the ongoing war that likely played a role in his quick exit after years of Fox’s top ratings:

Of course, I don’t think they disagreed with me, but they were always very nice to me. And he always let me say what I wanted. Not even once did he ask me not to say anything. So, I was always grateful to Fox and I’m grateful to Fox for that. So it never changed until they called me and said, you know, we’re taking the show off the air.

And so, I can only speculate, I know.

But I think as a general matter, not even about me, the war in Ukraine is a danger line for a lot of people in business and politics. You can see this in our politics in America where the leaders of the Republican Party in Congress, who are disgusting in my view, are now advocating sending cluster bombs to Ukraine. Ukraine is apparently losing the war. Ukrainians are dying in great numbers and the country is being destroyed. And so, the United States can compel peacemakers like tonight, they can do that, specifically. He has that power. And they won’t do that, and they’re continuing to allow Ukrainians to be killed in order to destroy the country.

So, I don’t know their motive, I can only speculate but I do know that if you criticize them, they are really intent on silencing you.

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Carlson was unceremoniously fired less than a week after Fox News agreed to pay dominion voting system at $787.5 million first day of test To settle defamation claims over false 2020 election claims. In the months prior to the trial, acrimonious internal correspondence from Donald Trump, Carlson and other Fox hosts attacking the company, the Stop the Steel movement and the perception of declining ratings were made public.

Has never been a stranger to controversy, nor fanning dangerous flames Tucker Carlson TonaghThe T host was also named in former producer Abby Grossberg’s lawsuit over a “toxic workplace culture” on the show. Fox settled that lawsuit for $12 million. On 30 June.

On Carlson’s contract matter, his Hollywood attorney Brian Friedman have claimed before Fox violated the deal in an attempt to argue that the non-compete agreement was no longer valid. as the parties are also fighting over Carlson Launched June 6 The Twitter showdown, incendiary BTS footage and much more about Carlson that was leaked to media outlets has also become a battleground. Freeman suggests Fox was behind Carlson’s leak personal communication,

Today his client seems to partially disagree or at least be unclear about something,

“You know, the ugly was leaking and I’m racist or whatever they leaked, somebody there leaked new York Times,” Carlson said Rupert Murdoch-owned by Fox. “But that’s not true, and I think the people running the company know that’s not true. In fact, don’t think that they did. And I’m not mad about it. And I am happy.

Neither Fox nor attorney Brian Friedman responded to requests for comment from Deadline today on Carlson’s comments. If they do, we’ll update this post.