Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider & Magilla Entertainment Link Arms For 1985 Rock Censorship Documentary “Filthy Fifteen”

Specific: After rallying in recent months against Republican politicians advocating for censorship and the loss of abortion rights in America, the Twisted Sisters dee snyder Going back to the past to uncover our possible future.

heavy metal lead singer Magilla Entertainment for a documentary series about the efforts of tipper gore And the Parents Music Resource Center 37 years ago to excise so-called pornographic music. Defying all expectations, Snyder appeared with frank zappa And John Denver proved to be a compelling and insightful advocate for freedom of expression and creative license before a Senate committee in 1985.

“Being in the crosshairs of this bipartisan attack on free speech completely pissed me off,” Snyder told Deadline. “All my rock and roll dreams were finally coming true, and PMRC trying to shut me up,” the “We’re Not Gonna Take It” singer added in the heyday of hair metal. “Some of my peers thought we should ignore them, but I couldn’t. To quote a genius, ‘This is our life, this is our song!’ Somebody had to fight back… and I fought hard!”

Trying to shock the nation with a self-described “Filthy Fifteen” list that includes Twisted Sister’s chart-topping anthem, Prince’s “Darling Nikki,” Judas Priest’s “Eat Me Alive,” Madonna’s “Dress You Up” and WASP’s “Animal (F. *ck Like a Beast), “future second lady Gore and then-Treasury Secretary James Baker’s wife Susan, and a bipartisan Beltway troop gave access to children to Rakey Rock ‘n’ on radio and MTV. ‘ Demanded to cut till the roll.

Although shunned by Snyder and others on live TV for their authoritarian tendencies and ill-considered solutions, PMRC was successful in placing parent-advisory stickers on albums deemed offensive.

As evidenced by many chart toppers, the unintended consequence was that records with stickers on them often became best-sellers because fans wanted what adults told them they couldn’t have. In a tone and manner similar to attacks on notions such as Book Ban and Critical Race Theory by MAGA Poll, PMRC’s “Filthy Fifteen” also featured relatively spontaneous acts by the likes of Sheena Easton and Cindy Lauper as well as AC/DC, Motley Fool Crew Huh. , Def Leopard, Black Sabbath and the now almost forgotten Merciful Fate.

with job title The Filthy Fifteen: Censorship and the War on Dirty, the documentary is filled with never-before-seen footage and sit-downs with artists and politicians at the center of the Reagan Era controversy. The documentary will be produced by Magilla co-founders Matthew Ostrom, Laura Palumbo Johnson and Jason Fox for Magilla Entertainment, as well as Snyder and Ron Starrantino. moonshiners Producer and Twisted Sister Frontman Currently Taking dirty fifteen For studios, streamers and networks.

Ostrom said, “The PMRC hearings serve as an ideal entry point to convey the social and political spirit of an era, and ignite a heated public debate, at a time greater than in 1985.” , if not more, then it seems.” The producer continued, “By taking a closer look at what landed each song on ‘Filthy Fifteen’, we are able to peel back the layers on the song’s true core and lyrical intent.” “After more than thirty-five years, with new perspectives and an evolving political climate, a new dialogue may answer long-standing questions and even establish some common ground between former rivals.”

Founded in 2009, Magilla is one of the largest independently owned unpublished production companies in the country. except to stay behind moonshinersMagilla has produced the likes of long island medium For TLC, Feature Dock Rise Up: The Moment That Changed America for history, and Dirty Murder Truckers, Both for Discovery, among others.

With Twisted Sister retiring for good after 2016’s farewell tour, Snyder continues to fight the good fight, as well as putting out solo albums like last year leave a markand appear on America’s Got Talent, other unwritten shows and commercials. After shifting gears on former friend Donald Trump during the 2016 election, social media activist Snyder had to repeatedly tell GOPers like Paul Ryan and current Arizona gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake not to use his songs for their campaigns. – among other critics.