Udaariyaan 5 major twists: Tejo-Fateh-Jasmin face-off, Truth behind Angad’s mysterious past and more

Udayiyaan Latest Alert 15th December 2021: Sargun Mehta And Ravi DubeyThe popular TV show Udiyan keeps the audience hooked to the latest tracks. Colors TV Show is one of the most popular TV show with 3.1 TRP rating. It secured the second position in the TRP list for the first time since it started airing. rising stars Ankit Gupta, with Karan V Grover starring Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Isha Malviya in lead roles, are the latest to join the show as the potential love interest in Tejo’s life. In the latest episode of Udiyan, we all saw that Fateh is staying away from his family after dumping Jasmine at the airport. On the other hand, Tejo and Angad are staying at the latter’s house in Shimla. Also read- Udayayan Shocking Twist: Is Angad the killer? Jasmine hints about Fateh-Tejo’s whereabouts

Now, let’s take a look at 5 major spoilers to look forward to in Udrian: Also read- Udayayan spoiler alert: Jasmine hires a detective to find Angad, Fateh and Tejo; a major encounter on the way

Fateh Tejo face to face

Tejo is unaware that Fateh has left Jasmine. She believes that she is enjoying her life with Jasmine in Canada like the rest of her family. That being said, Tejo still misses Fateh and senses his presence, especially since they have reached Gurdaspur. At the same time, Fateh sees Tejo happy with Angad. Now, in the coming episodes, we will see that he is devastated to see Tejo and Angad performing at Mr. Sharma’s daughter’s engagement party. He will break down seeing her laugh and dance with Angad. Also read- Udaariyan SPOILER ALERT: Will Tejo come face to face with Fateh in Gurdaspur and learn about taking revenge on Jasmine?

Jasmine-Fateh-Tejo face to face

Jasmine will also attend the engagement party. She has her own ways of doing things and looks like she will reach the party to take revenge on Fateh and Tejo. Jasmine had already come to know that Angad is in Gurdaspur. She will understand that Fateh and Tejo also have to stay with her. Jasmine is bent on taking revenge and she can create a ruckus in the party too.

The truth behind Angad’s mysterious past

Angad has a very good relationship with Mr. Sharma. In the latest episode of Udriyaan, we saw Rhea’s maternal grandmother accusing her of being a murderer. Since Sharma is close to her, he will probably be the one to reveal the past to Tejo, helping Angad to ease his burden. Angad is seen running away from his past. Now is the time for him to stop doing this.

Sandhu/Virk family realizes Fateh’s handiwork

Roopi has remained silent about Jasmine and Fateh’s broken marriage as well as Tejo and Angad’s fake engagement. It may be too much for him to bear. Since Jasmine is coming back, there is a possibility that she may also involve the family members in taking revenge, as well as Rupi closing the door for her when she came to ask for help. The Virk family cannot stand Jasmine. Also, Jasmine learns of Tejo-Angad’s fake engagement, so the latter can get real bad at her revenge plan and reveal all the cards to everyone.

Jasmine will wreak havoc in FateJo’s life!

Jasmine will not let Fateh and Tejjo live in peace despite not being with each other. Looks like they already have a plan to ruin their lives. Jasmine believes that both Fateh and Tejo ruined her plan to go to Canada. Unable to come to terms with reality and blinded by her hatred and jealousy for her sister, Jasmine will take extreme steps to spoil their lives.

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