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    ‘United States Of Al’: Azita Ghanizada Upped To Recurring

    Unique: azita ghanizada will return for season 2 United States of america and has been raised to recurring.

    “Rohat/Sweet Bread” – meets Al Ariana (Ajita Ghanizada), an Afghan woman he wants to date, but is disappointed to learn that she has a negative opinion of Afghan interpreters working for America Is.

    Ghanizada would continue to portray Ariana, a first-generation Afghan-American who shares Al’s (Adhir Kalyan) passion for her homeland, but their differing worldviews often get them into trouble. She has also been described as Al’s “extremely independent” love interest.

    The series is about the friendship between Riley, a Marine combat veteran who is struggling to adjust to civilian life in Ohio, and Al, an interpreter who serves with his unit in Afghanistan and is currently a US citizen. Has come to start a new life.

    Its second season, which began production in August, shot one and a half episodes When America announced its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    Executive Producer maria ferrari Explained during Warner Bros.’ The TCA panel said last month that the experience moved the story to dive into the repercussions of the Afghanistan crisis and its aftermath.

    Ghanizada, who was born in Kabul, immigrated to the United States with her parents as a child; All of whom sought political asylum. She actively speaks in support of Afghan causes, women’s rights, and shares resources for organizations and individuals through social media.

    She is the founder of the MENA Arts Advocacy Coalition, an organization that fights for the advancement and visibility of Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian writers, creatives and on-screen artists in film, television and streaming platforms.

    Ghanizada most recently Freeform’s . repeated in good trouble and HBO bowlers on the small screen; and in movies, completely unknown, Friend, And we broke.

    It has been replicated by Buchwald and Atlas Artists.

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