Uorfi Javed gives ‘Middle Class Love’ actresses a makeover for Rs 10

Urfi Javed gave ‘middle class love’ actresses a makeover for Rs 10 (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Former ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ contestant Urfi Javed, who is making headlines for her quirky fashion sense, gave a style spin to actresses Esha Singh and Kavya Thapar for their upcoming film ‘Middle Class Love’ for just Rs 10.

Urfi changed his outfit with basics that are available in a middle class household like safety pins and a sack. It basically matches with the theme of the film.

Urfi Javed says: “Fashion is not defined by expensive clothes. It is defined by how innovative you are and what you can create with simple and basic clothes. I am a true middle class at heart and hence I am really attached to the trailer of the film.”

“I was excited to meet these new faces of Bollywood and style them for Rs. With 10 things that exist in middle class homes.”

Urfi Javed said: “It is something I have personally invested in and I had a great time creating this middle class change. Kavya and Isha also joined hands organizations With all the gusto.”

Esha said it was a great experience meeting Urfi Javed.

“She’s an amazing person. I never thought safety pins could make for a dress, but here I am wearing it, middle class at the very core. It was a one-of-a-kind experience for me and I say I can say that the middle class has its advantages, proud to be one!” added the actress.

When it comes to fashion, Kavya is called Urfi who is an “absolute magician”.

“As a person she’s so warm and genuine. We met professionally but definitely came out of it and formed a strong friendship. She can fashion anything out of anyone who would have thought I was one for once.” will wear a sack dress, Creating fashion in such a cool and stylish way for just Rs 10 is a trick that only a true middle class can pull off. I had a wonderful time shooting for it.”

‘Middle Class Love’ also stars Preet Kamani and is directed by Ratna Sinha.

The film is being jointly produced by Anubhav Sinha’s Banaras Media Works and Zee Studios. Middle Class Love is all set to release on September 16, 2022.

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