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Feminist movements have gained momentum in Pakistan as well as in all other countries of the world as education and awareness are becoming common. Although the Aurat March and other protests like it are covered more by the media, there are many women in the country who are working through various platforms to uplift women̵7;s rights and their social status. However, the results are not very visible on the ground as many people think that Pakistan is predominantly a lower and lower middle class country and these feminist movements are not even able to recognize their core issues. There has also been much talk of partial implementation of feminism in Pakistan, and many vocal figures of the movement are working more towards female supremacy rather than equal rights.

Urosa Siddiqui was a guest on Nida Yasore’s show where she was giving advice to young girls on how to handle their life with a new family after marriage. She called respect the most important factor in this new relationship. He advised the young women to show respect to everyone in their new family.

Urusa Siddiqui has advice for feminists before marriage

Urosa said to clarify your feminist beliefs before getting married. Be clear about whether you will choose your husband’s shoes or whether you will serve breakfast to your mother-in-law. She said that you must remember that you are moving to a new place and they will have their own rules just like you move to a new school or a new office. It takes time to understand. He also said that if you keep on giving respect then one day the other side will realize it.

Urusa Siddiqui has advice for feminists before marriage

Here’s what Urusa has advice for women: