Vaani Kapoor had to learn horse riding to ace her part in ‘Shamshera’

Vaani Kapoor had to learn horse riding to play her role in ‘Shamshera’ (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Actress Vaani Kapoor, who plays a traveling artist in the upcoming film “Shamshera”, had to learn horse riding for months to get her role in the film. Training the actress to get used to being around a horse was an integral part of the film.

‘Shamshera’ director Karan Malhotra, who has previously directed ‘Agneepath’ (2012) and ‘Brothers’ (2015), said in a statement: To work with an animal in a film, you have to have a relationship with an animal. Will have to make… the horse with which he trained the longest and eventually became a friend.

Voice Added his director saying: “Even horse riding requires you to have that emotional connection with the animal. They will throw you otherwise. I remember I used to get this whole packet of biscuits and likewise the trainer also told me to feed the horse, befriend the horse and it is very cute.

“I mean they are like the cutest animals. I think it is very important to be friends with them first. They only know the language of love”, Vaani Kapoor Told.

Ranbir’s first film after ‘Sanju’ released in 2018 is ‘Shamshera’. The film is coming to theaters on July 22, 2022 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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