Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi & Carla Bruni Denounce Media Reports Of Sexual Assault Allegations Against Sofiane Bennacer

French-Italian actress Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi has condemned media reports that exposed the actor Sofiane Benesar is under investigation following allegations of rape and violence, saying she is a victim of “media lynching”.

Bennacer stars Bruni-Tedeschi’s Cannes 2022 Palme d’Or contender Forever youngA semi-autobiographical play inspired by his experiences as a student at the Les Amandiers theater school in Nanterre in the 1980s.

French media reported earlier this week that Benesar had been placed under judicial control in October.

The measure bars him from entering the Paris region as well as from contacting accusers and witnesses in the case. Bruni-Tedeschi is named as one of the witnesses.

The news broke on 16 November, just days after Bensar announced he would be among the 32 young actors selected for the 2023 edition. FranceCaesar Academy Revelations Talent Show.

The body announced this on Tuesday removed He was removed from the list after the news and was re-invoking rules on how to deal with candidates who have gone through the judicial process. Currently the body does not have a protocol.

Bennacer has publicly denied the allegations, saying he is the victim of harassment by an ex-girlfriend who has also intimidated other women into testifying against him.

daily newspaper Freedom published an in-depth, two-page investigative report on Friday, citing multiple anonymous sources who said rumors of allegations against Benesar were rife as the shooting Forever young Launched in early 2021.

A crew member said there was unease about Benesar’s presence on set, but an air of omerta carried throughout the shoot, with Bruni-Tedeschi standing by Benesar on the principle that every person accused of a crime must be proven guilty. Must be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Liberation also revealed that on the eve of shooting one of the film’s locations had been painted with graffiti condemning the production as “collaborators” protecting “wolves in sheepfolds”.

Bruni-Tedeschi made a statement Friday condemning the article: “At this point, everyone knows that he has not been prosecuted, and that such a process is, in my opinion, a pure media lynching, and will is far from.” To inform fairly and impartially.

Bruni-Tedeschi said that the film’s producers Alexandra Heinochsberg and Patrick Sobelman had expressed “fear and reluctance” about retaining Benesar in the cast when the rumors surfaced, but they insisted on standing by the actor.

“I told him that these rumors didn’t stop me and I couldn’t consider making the film without him,” she said, adding that she was “artistically impressed with Sofiane Benesar from the first second of casting”.

The actress and director said that she is upset that a newspaper like Freedom “can trump the presumption of innocence to such an extent”.

Bruni-Tedeschi’s sister, model and singer Carla Bruni-Sarkozy also joined the protest.

She posted a message on her Instagram account, in which she voiced support for her sister and also condemned Freedom for its report on the charges against Bennacer when he is yet to be prosecuted.

“One of the foundations of our democracy is the presumption of innocence,” she wrote. “Without the presumption of innocence, all justice is random, debatable, possibly corrupt. Liebe has been teaching us ethics for 40 years, but apparently, The notion of innocence is completely foreign to it.