‘Vanshaj’ Star Anjali Tatrari Reveals What Inspired Her To Take Up The Role Of Yuvika: “I Can Deeply Connect With This As It Reflects My Own Journey”

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Anjali Tatrari reveals what inspired her to take up the role of ‘Vanshj’ (Photo Credits – IANS)

Actress Anjali Tatrari, who plays Yuvika in the upcoming television show ‘Vanshj’, has shared what inspired her to take up the role.

The actress, who has always been deliberate in choosing characters that convey a message to the audience, finds the right role Yuvika’s Character.

Anjali Tatrari said, “Life sometimes puts us in situations where we mature or grow beyond our time, and I can deeply relate to this as it reflects my own journey. I believe that I have matured at a young age and am taking responsibilities, which is in line with the path of a young woman. This character is of great importance as Yuvika challenges the patriarchy and proves that mettle reigns supreme.

Anjali Tatrari further said, “Both men and women should be given opportunities on the basis of their ability. It is a role that highlights strength, and I have always been drawn to portray characters that inspire the audience and leave a lasting impression. I am absolutely thrilled and excited to portray the character of Yuvika, who has a remarkable strength and a relevancy factor that resonates deeply.

The makers have also revealed the set of the show. It is designed to support the narrative of the show with modern architectural opulence. Be it the accessories, the furniture or the aesthetic, all the elements align with the story of the show and convey the utopian business class feel.

Talking about her preparation for the part, the actress said, “In my preparation for the character of Yuvika, workshops definitely played a part, but personally, I used to immerse myself in the script again and again. committed to incorporating the subtle details that bring the character to life. Beyond mere imagination. For example, Yuvika may freeze in a critical situation or be lost for the moment, unsure of her next move.

Anjali Tatrari said, “We have incorporated various elements into Yuvika’s character and to be honest, she has many layers to her personality. Every day, I uncover something new about the character, constantly adding dimensions to enhance its authenticity. Given the multitude of shades within the role, it seems like an evolving work, where the character changes with each passing day.

Vanshj will air from Monday to Saturday from 12th June on Sony SAB.

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