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    Venkatesh On His Character In ‘Drushyam 2’: “The Multilayered Roles Unleash A Different Ram Babu Each Time”

    Venkatesh outlines his ‘Ram Babu’ character in ‘Drishyam 2’ (Photo Credits – IANS)

    Venkatesh Daggubati, who appeared in the Telugu remake of ‘Asuran’, is now set to appear in Jeetu Joseph’s directorial venture ‘Drishyam 2’. The actor talks about his character in the film which is a remake of Malayalam hit ‘Drishyam 2’.

    Being a sequel to the crime thriller ‘Drishyam’, Venkatesh reprized his role in ‘Drishyam 2. The film is slated for an OTT release on Prime Video on November 25.

    Venkatesh spoke to IANS about his role and the ‘experience of working for it’.visible 2‘, explains what it takes to play a character like ‘Ram Babu’.

    When asked about his role in ‘Drishyam 2’, Venkatesh replied that he has a good role in ‘Ram Babu’. “Though Ram Babu is a middle-class man who is very attached to his family, there are many layers to his role. The multi-layered roles bring out a different Ram Babu each time in the context of the situation,” explains Venkatesh.

    The ‘F2’ actor also points to the different shades of Ram Babu, saying, “Ram Babu looks pathetic when he appears helpless in certain situations. But, in reality, he is a fierce protector of his family, which makes him mentally ill. Makes it stronger than ever.

    ,visible 2’ It is not just about how a man protects his family from unforeseen situations, but the feelings are also intertwined. When I talk about feelings, it is not just the feelings of the protagonist or his family. The film will talk about the parents of the villain, who cannot figure out how they lost their son, where is his mortal remains, and many other aspects,” Venkatesh said.

    Venkatesh revealed that he has always been positive about OTT releases. “We are still experimenting. What is right and what is wrong, we do not understand yet. I did the film and left it to the decision of the producers, who are deeply involved in the business. I will do my acting and the producers Let me apply my experience in such things,” said the actor.

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