Vicky Kaushal in legal trouble after marriage to Katrina Kaif?

Vicky Kaushal is in legal trouble with an Indore resident, who has accused the actor of using a fake number plate in the upcoming film.

The resident blames Vicky for the alleged illegal use of the number plate of his vehicle. The complaint came to light when the Uri actor was seen riding the same bike for the next film with Saif Ali Khan.

Jai Singh Yadav claimed that he is the sole owner of the vehicle number used in the film sequence and the actor cannot forge the number plate without his permission.

“The vehicle number used in the film sequence is mine. I don’t know if the film unit is aware of this or not but it is illegal. They cannot use my number plate without permission. I have given a memorandum at the station. Action should be taken in the matter,” news agency ANI quoted Yadav as saying.

Legal trouble ensues within a month of Vicky’s lavish wedding to Katrina Kaif in Jaipur.

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