Victim of domestic abuse, French actress posts shocking pics on Instagram

French actress Judith Chemala suffered domestic abuse (Photo Credits – Instagram)

French actress Judith Chemala, who earned a César nomination for “Camille Rewinds,” shares her story of being victimized by domestic abuse.

As ‘Deadline’ reports, she posted several photos on her Instagram account, in which she said that she suffered domestic abuse a year ago at the hands of her daughter’s father, whom she did not name.

Last May, film director Yohan Manka, with whom Chemla was previously in a relationship, was given an eight-month suspended prison sentence for domestic violence against the actress, according to ‘Franceinfo’.

‘Time frame’ noted that in the long term insta In the post, Chemla wrote, “I have so much evidence that he is constantly trying to harm me… what will he have to do to leave me alone?” She later said, “I can’t stand it anymore. I beg for peace. Is it clear like this?”

The post began, “A year ago my face was injured, blue, purple under my eye, I saw myself distorted. A year ago I looked at my face in the mirror and knew I couldn’t hide my face anymore .

‘Time Limit’ said that in the post, Chemla also mentioned filing more than one complaint against the offender and asked, “Should I go back to the police for the third time? Filing the third complaint in a year? In the film industry.” To be and Sword of Damocles to a suspended sentence of eight months, isn’t that enough?

“…Should I keep this to myself? He will continue to feel above the law… He will continue to believe that he is capable of pressuring me and harassing me morally.”

Chemla was in the cast of the recently released comedy ‘Not My Type’ and also featured in ‘My Brothers and I’, which ran in the Un Certain Regard section of 2021. Ear. However, neither she nor the director, Manaka, appeared for the official screening.

Citing sources at the time, ‘Variety’ reported that Chemala manka with police at the 10th arrondissement of Paris after allegedly throwing a cell phone in an alleyway near the Théâtre du Rond-Point on July 3, 2021. A complaint was filed against. ,

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