Vijay Babu Gets Anticipatory Bail After Getting Accused Of R*pe By An Actress

Vijay Babu gets anticipatory bail after an actress alleges r*pe, read! (photo credit – Facebook)

After a nearly two-month-long legal battle, actor-producer Vijay Babu, who has been accused by an actress, got anticipatory bail from the Kerala High Court on Wednesday.

He has been asked to appear before the police investigation team on June 27 and the police have been given seven days between June 27 and July 3 to interrogate him.

The court also asked him not to leave the state under any circumstances.

On 22 April, an actress from Kozhikode filed a complaint in Ernakulam that she was thrashed and thrashed several times by Vijay Babu in a flat in Kochi.

He also accused her of drugging her before sexually assaulting her.

As soon as the news surfaced, Babu appeared live on his social media Handel claimed that he was the “real victim” in the case, adding that it would take appropriate legal action against the complainant, whom he also named.

Apart from the primary complaint, the police have registered a second case against the complainant for revealing his name.

Vijay Babu left the country after filing a case against the actress, returned after the court order Temporary It is a relief that he will not be arrested till his anticipatory bail plea is disposed of and till then he should appear before the investigating team whenever the investigation team demands his presence, which he did.

After escaping from the country, he spent some time in the UAE and then moved to Georgia.

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