Vince McMahon On Having S*x With Sable Said “I’ma F*ck That B*tch, Don’t Know When, Where” Reveals 2 Cold Scorpio

Vince McMahon Wanted To S*x With Sable? WWE star 2 Cold Scorpio claims he once said “I f*ck that b*tch” (Photo credit – still from WWE; Sable/Website; 2Cold Scorpio/Wikimedia)

It has been almost two months since former wrestler Vince McMahon resigned as the CEO and chairman of WWE. While the investigation into Vince’s alleged payment of ‘hush money’ to former female employees continues – and he maintains a low profile, one WWE star recalls how he was a two-decade-long CEO in the early 2000s.

According to WWE Star 2 Cold Scorpio, once a former WWE boss publicly Said that he was going to have sex with Sable – while she was still married to Marc Mero. Read on to know all the juices.

According to tjrwrestling, 2 cold scorpios shared this story about Vince McMahon and his sex life during a virtual signing with Golden Ring Collectibles. He said, “I don’t know who’s going to get into trouble. The next question is, do I give a damn. I don’t.” [Scorpio smiled], So anyway, we were hanging out in England, just chilling and you know, Vince [McMahon] was one of the boys, in a way wanted to be one of the boys walking around England; The Undertaker, me, Hawke, Ron Simmons, a few others, you know, usually after our day in England, we’re hanging out and up at the bar. ,

2 Cold Scorpio continued, “Vince McMahon was sitting at the table with us and stuffing and sipping on some scotch on the rocks and I was like, ‘Hey, that’s what he likes’, so yeah, that was all rocks. But about Scotch, we’re all just sitting there drinking, having a good time. And of course before I went to the bar, I had to get a few hits from the hash can. When I’m down here I high as hell, while Vince and they came around chilling.”

He continued, “We’re all just sitting around and Vince McMahon is sitting there on a stool, Undertaker is sitting there next to him and he’s just sipping, and we’re just talking and out of nowhere , Sable walks by and he’s got it on Beautiful! Red dress, sh*t looked damn near looking and this time, she’s married to Mark Mero at the time and sh*t and I’ll never forget it, she walks over and Vince goes, ‘Damn. ‘ Like all of us looks at him and he says out loud – I don’t know if he wanted to say that to himself, but he said, ‘Hey! I’m the f*ck that b*tch. I don’t know when, I don’t know where’.

Revealing his reaction to hearing Vince McMahon’s statement, 2 Cold Scorpio said, “My eyes must have grown that much like I’ve been smoking all night. Like he just said – I’m looking at Ron Huh, Ron looked at me and all, it ain’t sh*t, like, ‘Yeah, that’s Vince, that’s what he does.’ Down the line, it really happened and sh*t, and I could tell you more but that’s all I know [a] First hand position, right? I won’t tell you anything about that, she says, but I’ll tell you what I saw and what I heard with my ears and eyes, okay? that’s all I know [Scorpio laughed],

The WWE star signed off saying, “It’s what it is. Pull no punches. You said you didn’t hire me, you owed money so f*ck it. I’ll do it that way.” I’ll tell it as it is. You don’t like it? You can always find me. It’s not hard to find me, you know what I’m saying?”

Speaking of the Vince McMahon and Hush Money allegations, in April 2022, the WWE Board launched an investigation into the $3 million hush-money settlement that McMahon paid over an alleged affair with a former company employee. was. The investigation uncovered other non-disclosure agreements against McMahon and executive John Laurinitis related to claims of misconduct by other women at the company — a total of $12 million. Due to this, McMahon stepped down as CEO and chairman of WWE and announced his retirement on July 22, 2022.

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