‘Waking Ned’ Director Kirk Jones Sets First TV Project: Vertigo Films’ Trump Golf Course Drama ‘You’ve Been Trumped’

Hollywood writer and director Kirk Jones is on top Vertigo Films‘Buzzy Upcoming Drama Series’ you have been trumpedMarking his first foray into television drama.

awake nedo, Granny McPhee And what to Expect When You’re Expecting The director will write and direct the four-part series, which is based on Anthony Baxter’s 2011 award-winning documentary about the small Scottish community that stood for Donald Trump and his golf course development.

Jones has completed the script, which will likely employ the dark humor and deep emotional sensibility of Baxter’s Doctor.

Set on one of the most environmentally sensitive parts of Europe on the northeastern coast of Scotland, the play traces the incredible true story of what happens when everyday people take on one of the world’s most famous, divisive and powerful families. deadline The first news of the project surfaced in November 2020.

Before becoming president, multi-billionaire Trump decided to build a luxury golf course in the middle of a treasured Scottish nature reserve in Aberdeenshire, after the Scottish government overturned its own environmental laws to give him the green light. This forced the local people to fight to save their lives and their homes.

Told through the eyes of farmer Michael Forbes, his family and a core group of residents, it will follow key figures at the center of the story – from former SNP First Minister Alex Salmond and Councilor John Swain to Guardian journalist Annie Baxter and Trump throughout. family.

“There was a reason the world media was drawn to this story in 2006 and why there was such a determined effort to block Anthony Baxter’s excellent documentary of the same name from being released in 2011,” Jones said. “A particular site of scientific interest was stripped of its status and a community of civilized people faced an unwanted attacker. This is a story that needs to be told to a wider audience and I look forward to working with this team.” We are thrilled to have a witty, dramatic and emotionally engaging TV series set in one of the most stunning locations in the British Isles.”

Vertigo co-produces with digital entertainment firm Blazing Griffin (love book) and Baxter’s Montrose Pictures (eye of the Storm), Alan Nibble, Naysun Ale Carew, Lizzie Grey, Baxter and Jones are executive producers.

Alan Niblo, co-founder of vertigo Fils said: “The presidency of Trump is arguably one of the craziest periods in modern history, and yet it was this story – one of rebellious spirit, human effort and genuine fear for the planet – that we felt compelled to pretend.” Kirk is the perfect person to retell this story, which so well captured the strength of community, heart and soul awake nedo,

Cast and further details will be announced in due course.