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    War Turns 2! Siddharth Anand Says Casting Of Hrithik Roshan & Tiger Shroff Wasn’t The Only Reason For Success

    War 2 turns! Siddharth Anand says casting of Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff was not the only reason for success

    After War became an all-time blockbuster two years ago, director Siddharth Anand has established himself as one of the biggest directors for action entertainers in India. Yash Raj Films’ adrenaline-pumping visual spectacle set a new benchmark in the history of Hindi cinema, from its box office records to spectacular scale, big hit songs and even pitting Hrithik Roshan against Tiger Shroff. Also did a casting coup.

    Siddhartha says “with intention” Warning The level of action and stunts in Hindi cinema was to be raised. We are such a big industry and we make so many movies in a year but we don’t really make a lot of action movies which is somehow a void in our industry. Tamasha has been my endeavor to make action films and in the last 5-7 years, actually 7 years after Bang Bang, it has been my endeavor to make benchmark action films like War and fill that void. “

    Siddharth Anand says, “I choose themes and stories. I write stories, I look for stories that can contain action, that can be genre-defining. So, yes, it has been a conscious decision since last 5-7 years and now it has become my hallmark. My entire existence has been geared towards making action glasses and the war was a testament to that effort. I am working even harder to give a bigger spectacle to the audience in my next film.”

    Sidharth reveals why Aditya Chopra and he wanted to mount the film on a scale that has never been seen before. He also revealed that Hrithik Vs Tiger was a casting coup, but it was not the only factor that made the film an all-time blockbuster.

    He says, “I don’t think Warning Won at the box office due to the ensemble cast. This came in 2019 and in the last 3-4 years before the film, you must have seen that all the tentpole movies of the biggest superstars were flops. They were tanking left-right-centre. In fact, what was doing well were mid-range actors with high concept films. So, it was actually getting a huge star cast in a tentpole movie, the most unsafe thing at the time. “

    Siddharth Anand says, “Obviously, it is a safe thing to get a large star-cast so that you get the budget that you want to make the film you want, but it does not necessarily guarantee returns at the box office. There is a need to make a good film that connects with the audience. Audiences stop coming for the stars, they come for the stories and they come for the film. Yes, getting stars is a huge bonus and plus, but actors Know themselves, so they take time to choose films because they know that stars give you an opening, but the film needs work.”

    He goes on to say, “Hrithik and Tiger put a lot of hard work in the film. They didn’t sit back and say – ‘Oh, we have a great combination with YRF, and we have a great banner, good action director and’ We are there, that’s why the film is successful’. No, they have worked really hard, they know it themselves. They insisted on making a great film and everyone, the producers, actors and technicians really made War a success. Worked hard to make.”

    And when people look back on this film from generation to generation, what does Siddharth Anand think will be his takeaway? He says, “I want to believe that this will be the action genre defining film of that generation. I would like to believe in that. I think we gave them the spectacle that they got from all those massive international films. get what they see and what they are exposed to.”

    Anand says, “So, I think somewhere they will be proud that we have also made such a film and we can make films like that with a fraction of the budget that a Hollywood film gets. So yes, (I want them) to remember it as a fun action film. A film that they can watch again and maybe they can show to the next generation and say ‘At that time we had such films.’ Used to do.’ I think it is asking for too much but yes, I want them to remember it as a fun action film.”

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