Warner Bros. Discovery Layoffs: International GM Johannes Larcher & LatAm GM Luis Duran Among Those Leaving As Part Of JB Perrette’s Global Streaming Reorg

particularJB Perrett has established his leadership for his global streaming team.

Executive, who is CEO and President, Global Streaming and Interactive Warner Bros. Discoveryhas reorganized its team and structure as part of several changes.

Among the dropouts are International GM Johannes Larcher, Louis Duran, GM LatM, Sarah Leone, EVP Product and Jason Press, CTO and Head of Engineering.

Earlier today, it emerged that Brad Wilson, US GM and EVP, global data, CRM and development, was also leaving as part of these changes.

It comes after Deadline revealed that Tom Escheem is leaving as president of Warner Bros. Global Kids, Young Adults and Classic and Brett Weitz, general manager of TNT, TBS and truTV, is leaving.

Merging two companies full of talent requires hard decisions to be made and there is not only one way to organize or choose leaders, but please know that I have fully and fully involved in setting up a leadership team and structure. Have tried my best to be considerate which I believe sets us up to win,” he wrote in an internal memo to employees seen by Deadline.

“This is the hardest part… These are all extremely talented leaders, longtime collaborators and friends of many of you, and their contribution to the success of HBO Max cannot be overstated. Taking it to 61 countries and positioning the service as one of the most sought after among consumers is an incredible achievement,” he said.

Elsewhere, Meredith Gertler became the leader of content strategy, scheduling, and editorial/merchandising, supporting both Casey Bloys and Perrett working in HBO and streaming products. Lisa Holme proceeds to report to Gertler and Alison Farber follows Holme in.

Michael Bishara will lead its Digital Studios group, reporting to Kathleen Finch, and will also be on the streaming leadership team. Alex Wellen continues to lead the Motortrend Group as President and General Manager.

Leah Hooper for EMEA, Jason Monteiro for APAC, Juan Sola for LatAm and Michael Bishara for North America will be the regional streaming leaders reporting to Perret and the respective leadership teams of Priya Dogra and Kasia Keely at EMEA, Clement Schweig will also be a part. and James Gibbons at APAC, and Fernando Medin at LatAm.