Watch Kangana Ranaut’s character, Agent Agni turn into an unstoppable killing machine

Watch Kangana Ranaut’s character, Agent Agni turn into an unstoppable killing machine

ZEE5, India and India’s largest home video streaming platform and multilingual storyteller for many entertainment seekers, has announced the world digital premiere of Dhaakad on July 1. Apart from a strong line-up of original shows and movies, ZEE5 is continuously strengthening its portfolio by securing the World Digital Premiere rights of several theatrical releases including RRR, The Kashmir Files, Valimai, Antim, Jhund, Attack, and others. Dhaakad is another strong addition to the list as it will help in attracting different audiences with different options.

Directed by Rajneesh Ghai, Dhaakad is a spy thriller starring Kangana in the lead role and Arjun Rampal, Divya Dutta and Shashwat Chatterjee in supporting roles. Shot by Japanese cinematographer Tetsuo Nagata (La Vie En Rose), Dhaakad is truly international in scale and style as the action sequences are designed by an international crew. With its eccentricities of blood, action, bullets and characters, Dhaakad is a bold film that features a fierce, spirited and fearless Kangana in the lead.

dhakadi The story revolves around Agni (Kangana), a special agent from the International Task Force, who is assigned a mission to eliminate Rudraveer (Arjun Rampal), an international human and arms smuggler, who is also running a coal mafia. During this fight, her tragic childhood past comes to the fore more often than she would like and she discovers the shocking truth about her tragedy, one of which is also linked to Rudraveer.

Manish Kalra, Chief Business Officer said, “We are constantly building a diverse portfolio with quality content across various genres and are happy to add yet another action-film to the slate as this genre is loved by all. Dhaakad is a must watch movie for all the action lovers. Apart from an international team choreographing its action sequences, the film features a fierce Kangana in top form. It is also a trendsetting film with immense potential, and we are excited to partner with the makers to bring Dhaakad to a global audience.”

Producer Deepak Mukut said, “Dhaakad is a film that is very close to all of our hearts. Usually action films are associated with male actors in our industry, but here we have made a film that is very similar to the number of actresses in Indian films. Redefines the action genre and we are really proud of it. We wanted the vibe and feel to be at par with famous international action films and we were able to achieve that. Action pieces were appreciated on the big screen And now that the film is releasing digitally, we are sure that more people will appreciate our effort. Kangana gave a stellar performance in Dhaakad, paving a new way for female-oriented action films. I am very happy The film is now reaching a wider audience through ZEE5. Dhaakad is the fruit of our labour, and we are extremely proud to present it to audiences across the globe through this platform.

Kangana Ranaut Said, “Dhaakad was an intense film that required a lot of physical and emotional transformation. Indian films can be of international standards and have female action heroes in the lead roles. Get ready to see me as a killing machine only on ZEE5 from 1st July.”

Dhaakad was rocking at the box office. The film could not create magic at the box office. The Kangana Ranaut starrer faced a clash with Kartik Aaryan’s Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 on the release date and was a box office hit.

Watch the world digital premiere of Dhaakad on 1st July on ZEE5

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