Weekly Horoscope From July 11 To July 17, 2022: Gemini, Libra To Pisces & Others – Astrological Predictions To Know What’s In Store!

Weekly Predictions (w/c 11 July 2022)

Weekly Horoscope from 4th July to 10th July 2022: The week has started and our stars are sure to have something cool in store. At least that is to be expected! While Gemini needs to be open in their communication, Pisces needs to handle situations calmly. Here is all that is going to happen with the other sun signs.

Sheep- You are advised to spend wisely this week as you may face financial crunch in the near future. To plan your savings for the future and tough times, take the advice of your parents or a close confidant.

Taurus – In the middle of the week, you may have to face some new challenges in the workplace. Practice meditation daily to maintain balance in your thoughts.

Gemini – Try to have open and transparent communication with your life partner and children to strengthen the bond and get rid of all misunderstandings.

cancer – Do not spend more on your friends and colleagues as most of them may be taking undue advantage of your money and most likely will stab you in the back sooner or later.

Lion – This is the right time to start focusing on your life instead of worrying about what is happening in the lives of others. Regular meditation will help you get your focus back.

Virgo – This week will go smoothly for you. Try speaking your heart out to a close and trusted confidant to bring out your hidden feelings that have been bothering you for a long time.

Libra – Your baby’s health needs special attention as he may suffer from some monsoon related illness. Take special care of your child’s diet by giving nutritious home-cooked food.

Scorpio – Traveling during the weekend should be avoided. In case of any emergency travel, take public transport. Try to focus on your career goals so that you can achieve your desired goal.

Sagittarius – This week you will do something that you have been planning for a long time. Try not to disclose your plans to anyone before implementing the plans.

Capricorn- An unwanted guest may come to meet you this week. This journey will give rise to tension in your home. Try your best to avoid such a situation.

Aquarius – This is the right time for you to invest in property under the guidance of parents. All your dreams will soon come true.

Pisces – This week you will have a heated argument with your loved ones which will affect you emotionally. Try to avoid any unpleasant situation which will have a long lasting effect on your mind and soul.

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Predictions by: Pandit Jagannath Guruji

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