WGA’s David A. Goodman & Michele Mulroney On Being “Stonewalled” By AMPTP, “Free Work Nightmare” & Other Compensation Issues

David A. Goodman and Michelle Mulroney marched on Tuesday at Paramount Studios in Hollywood with about 200 strikers. wga Which is battling the AMTPT for better wages, inter alia, on the first official day of the strike.

The pair included actors Rob Lowe and Ike Barinholtz; Writers: Brigitte Munoz-Leibovitz, Craig Mazin, Jenny Konner, and Nancy De Los Santos.

“The main points were that the companies stalled us on the very important issues raised in this negotiation,”; said Goodman, co-chair of the WGA Negotiating Committee. “They refused to even discuss to engage in talks. We were able to discuss some other issues and we made some agreements and we took some things off the table. But there were core issues of this talks about which The companies completely rejected even the talks and they forced us to go on strike.

He later elaborated on some of the main issues he faced, including “writers being able to sustain a career; writers in features not being able to afford feature writers; comedy-variety writers, they wanted a day rate”. ; Television writers not being able to afford to live in the city where their shows are produced – all those compensation issues are an issue and he rejected them all.

Mulroney, a screenwriter who worked on Power Rangers (2017) and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), and an ex-officio member of the WGA negotiating committee, is prepared to strike “as long as it takes”.

“It’s going to take as long as the companies want to take it. When they’re ready to be serious about our agenda, we’re open to talks,” she said. “I am a feature writer in this consortium, and our feature agenda has once again, for several cycles, been completely dismissed by these companies and they have ignored any very basic and core feature issues we have brought up. has refused to address. The table includes a fundamental denial of the existence of the free work nightmare that plagues our members in television and features and comedy-variety. They really pissed us off in a way that is depressing , was surprising and totally inappropriate because we are in this business.