What A Viral TV Drama Set In Yunnan Reveals About China’s Gen Z |

China̵7;s younger generation yearns for rural escapism through the popular C-drama “Meet Yourself”, which has been viewed more than 2 billion times.

What happened: After starring in the popular historical drama a dream of glory okChinese actress Liu Yifei is once again in the news. His latest modern play, meet yourself go to the windy place, One of the most anticipated Chinese shows of the year. To date, the hashtag #去有风地方 has over 2 billion views on Weibo and 5 million discussions. In the first 10 days of airing, the show was viewed over 1 billion times.

meet yourself The story follows a female protagonist, played by Liu Yifei, whose life is turned upside down after the death of her best friend. Unable to cope with this loss and continue with her life in the big city, she moves out to a quiet village where she meets a group of like-minded people fleeing the fast-paced urban lifestyle in search of peace. went. His hard working attitude and resilience gives him the strength to start again.

The story takes place in Yunnan Province, a popular tourist destination famous for its picturesque rural scenery. According to Yunnan’s Department of Culture and Tourism, in the first 10 months of 2022, Yunnan is expected to receive 682 million tourists and generate tourism revenue of $112 billion (761.5 billion RMB). And as portrayed in the TV series, Chinese youth are increasingly attracted to the region’s beautiful landscape and relaxed lifestyle. “Although I’m at home, my heart is already in Yunnan when I watch this drama,” @小Y同学_233 commented on Weibo.

The Xing Tech: The rise of fitness, the outdoors and digital nomadism in China reflects a desire among young Chinese to live a more leisurely lifestyle or experience life in different places. Xiaohongshu pointed out that searches for digital nomads have increased significantly since the beginning of 2022, up 650 percent compared to January this year. This has come with a greater consideration for quality of life, and movements such as slow living, “lying flat”, “free idler” or even “let it rot” have gained momentum. . Continue reading full article Here