Sunday, December 5, 2021

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    What China’s Big Celebrity Crackdown Means For Luxury |

    Government crackdowns are nothing new in the People’s Republic of China, with Beijing officials regularly issuing new rules on business, technology and entertainment, leaving companies both foreign and domestic scrambling to accommodate.

    But in 2021, a detailed investigation of China’s fast-growing celebrity culture crackdown has particularly strong long-term implications for the marketing efforts of luxury brands that have become critical of their post-COVID recovery, relying on the Chinese market.

    This Insight report looks at what China’s crackdown on celebrity culture and the “fan economy” may ultimately mean for luxuries, examining the potential impacts of marketing efforts in the coming years.

    Key questions covered in this report include:

    • What inspired China’s current crackdown on celebrities and fan culture?
    • What impact could the stars’ recent high-profile “cancellation” have on luxury marketing in China in 2022?
    • What are the long-term implications of the celebrity action for global luxury brands and retailers?
    • What options do luxury brands have other than working with celebrities in China?
    • Could the celebrity crackdown finally be a net positive for luxury brands in China?

    see full report Here

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