What Does TIFF’s Lineup Tell Us About The Fall Festivals? That Slates Are Looking Strong Despite The Strikes

Given the chaos created by the SAG-AFTRA strike, Toronto has just announced 235446040/" data-type="post" data-id="1235446040">Surprisingly strong first-wave lineup.

In recent days, festival regulars have been apprehensive about the prospects for English-language films to star in Venice, Toronto and Telluride, especially after Venice suffered a setback last week when the Zendaya starrer challengers Pulled out of its starting slot and moved to a Spring 2024 release.

Despite the challenges, TIFF’s Cameron Bailey has managed to pull together an impressive lineup of potential award contenders and titles to acquire. The lineup also includes films starring Emily Blunt. pain hustlerssony’s dumb moneyChris Pine’s directorial debut poolmanAlexander Payne’s holdoverstarring Anthony Hopkins one lifekate winslet drama Took, and many others. That’s in addition to some strong arthouse debuts, like the new film from Ladd Lee and some Cannes holdovers including Jonathan Glazer. area of ​​interest and Palme d’Or winner anatomy of fall,

While we haven’t seen a mass flight from studios or independents, there remains considerable uncertainty over who will be attending these films and it’s not impossible that some films decide to move closer to the festival. Some indie titles may get discounts at festivals to promote their talents. Some writer-directors may attend ‘as directors’, as Scorsese and Wes Anderson did at Cannes. If the strike is still raging, some actors may prefer to stay away, whatever the arrangement may come.

The premiere designations of each film going to TIFF — films are described by festivals as world, international, or North American premieres — give us an indication of which film is likely to debut in Venice and Telluride.

Films from Michael Mann already widely touted for Venice this year include FerrariBradley Cooper’s artistSofia Coppola’s Priscilla and Yorgos Lanthimos poor things, There is a lot of speculation flying around but the expectation has always been that these four legends will debut on the lido and we have certainly not heard to the contrary. We hear Netflix could potentially be involved with David Fincher on the show murderer, Which would be another real coup. Venice will confirm its lineup tomorrow.

Netflix’s JABAyona survival thriller is already confirmed for Venice ice society as the closing film. The streamer can limit the generally strong selection if Pablo Larrain is selected el conde plays in celebration. We’ve heard that the Spanish-language picture could potentially resemble Venice and Telluride.

As far as attendees go, we would expect Michael Mann to be on the Lido project with passion Ferrari But it is uncertain whether Cooper will attend if the strike continues, as he is also starring in a Leonard Bernstein film. There is a good chance that Sofia Coppola and Yorgos Lanthimos would like to stay in Italy to flag their films, should their strong cast not be able to do so. Priscilla This is an A24 fee so artists can potentially get a discount. Features we can’t expect to hear from tomorrow by Venice chief Alberto Barbera also include Ken Branagh. a ghost in venice and ridley scott Napoleon, We already told you it’s highly anticipated dune The sequel will not take place at the festival.

As far as what we can learn from TIFF’s premiere designations, other films that are likely to have their world premieres in Venice (which largely precedes TIFF and coincide with Telluride) include Bertrand Bonello. Animal, starring Léa Seydoux; starring jessica chastain Memory, and Richard Linklater hitman,

it looks like kitty green Royal Hotel and Apple’s flora and son Both Venice and Telluride can play.

Films likely to debut at Telluride include Alexander Payne films holdover, Ethan Hawke’s wild cat, annette bening starrer Nyad, riz ahmed photo fingernails, Netflix’s rustin, and Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache a rough year,

Ferrari, artist, Priscilla And poor things Could potentially find its way to Telluride and/or TIFF as well. It remains to be seen.

The New York Film Festival has already announced that it will have its North American premiere priscilla Also Todd Haynes’ Cannes title may, december,

Among other anticipated films that have been in the news for the festival at some point this year are musicals purple colourSteve McQueen’s the BlitzEmerald Fennel saltburnJeff Nichols’ bike riderand Lanthimos’ film And,