What was Neslihan Atagül’s reaction to her husband’s alleged infidelity? | Turkish Series: Teammy

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Kadir Duglu and neslihan atagul

Turkish media exploded with news of Kadir Duglu being seen with another woman and accused of infidelity. However, his wife neslihan atagul Does not share the attack on her husband.

At a meeting with fans at a university in Baku, the couple were asked about the provocative photos in which Kadir is seen hugging another woman. This was the time when Neslihan stood up for her husband.

The actress gave a very direct response: “Does this really interest you? Now why don’t you believe what you see? We are together, and you keep asking more things? Sometimes even your mother doesn’t understand you, that too the one who gave birth to you! That’s me, my mother doesn’t understand me, and I’m always trying to explain myself. But there is one person who is closer to me than my mother in this life, there is one person who is closer than my mother and father and that is my husband Kadir. Before accusing each other, Qadir and I sit down, look into each other’s eyes and agree. I can’t do this to my mother, I can’t do this to my best friends… only to Qadir.’

Kadir Dozulu then intervened in the conversation, saying that everyone has a personal life, and if the journalist wants to ask personal questions, it would be better to ask how the couple maintains their relationship despite rumors and gossip.

Some fans believe that the beloved star is too dissolved in her husband and is ready to forgive him all his sins. However, one must wonder about the sincerity of Qadir’s feelings after the alleged infidelity. Many fans warn Neslihan about the dangers of such relationships.