When Andrew Garfield Made “Sweet Sweet Love” With Coldplay’s Chris Martin Overshadowing Emma Stone, Netizens React “He Only Kisses Ryan Reynolds”

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When Andrew Garfield attends a make out session with Chris Martin of Coldplay (Photo Credits – Wikipedia; Movie Still)

Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is finding love again from audiences, thanks to his stunning cameo in the MCU’s Spider-Man No Way Home. He had two solo films in the bag, and around the release of the second film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Andrew hosted the famous Saturday Night Live and there he participated in make-out sessions, not with Emma Stone, His co-star in the film but Coldplay singer Chris Martin. It was during a Spider-Man-themed sketch when Emma and Garfield couldn’t kiss right. That’s when the Coldplay star lends a helping hand. Keep reading to find out what happened next!

The first Amazing Spider-Man movie came out in 2012, followed by a sequel in 2014. The web-slinger’s version of Andrew received renewed love from viewers because of the closure he caused to save her. Zendayaof MJ when she fell off the scaffolding. For those in the know, he couldn’t keep his Gwen from falling for him in his solo movie. That and the charming performance of the British actor has us impressed.

SNL’s Spider-Man-themed sketch features Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield trying their best to fix the ‘Big Kiss’ but keep failing. At the time, Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin stepped in to help the pair recover from the failure. One would have imagined that he would be showing it off with Emma, ​​but instead, he posed with Andrew, a blonde wig in hand, and tried to demo the big kiss.

Chris Martin Andrew grabs Garfield and says, “Now you listen to me, handsome spidery man,” he says, bending Garfield back. “With great power comes great responsibility, and our responsibility right now is to make sweet, sweet love. So, why don’t you step over and show me your beautiful tongue?” Pained, Andrew just goes “no”. The video has been going viral on Instagram for the past few days and netizens would be left in splits.

One user wrote, ‘Andrew’s soul left the body’

One user said, “He only kisses Ryan Reynolds”, in reference to Garfield and Ryan Reynolds’ iconic kiss.

Another wrote, “Spiderman: out of the closet”

Then, “I think I downloaded the wrong version of the movie”

“What a plot twist.”

“He was very hurt”

“Brother Went Off Script”

“He Became Uncle Gwen”

Check out the video here:

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