When BTS’ Jungkook Revealed His Global Fame Made Him Think Twice Before Doing Anything & Added To His Shyness: “No Matter What Situation I Maybe In…”

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When BTS’s Jungkook Reveals His Global Fame Made Him Think Twice Before Doing Anything And His Shyness (Photo Credits – IMDb)

Jungkook of BTS is the youngest member of the boy band, aka Golden Mecca. With her extraordinary talent, she has quickly made her place in the hearts of her fans since her debut in 2013. While the singer was only a teenager when he started out with the band, he is also the shyest member of the group. The singer once revealed how he thought twice before saying anything and hinted that his huge stardom has made him continue to feel shy.

South Korean boy band BTS is celebrating their 10th anniversary by dropping their highly anticipated track Take Two. Seven members, RM, Jin, JiminSuga, J-Hope, Jungkook and V leave their fans Army In tears with his new song. With Jin and J-Hope currently training for their mandatory military service, it’s been a long time since the seven members sang together.

Coming back, Jungkook has a massive fan following and his fans never fail to express their affection towards him. The singer always makes sure to interact regularly with his fans through online live sessions and keep them updated about his daily life. However, the singer has always been known to be extremely shy during his public appearances and one of the reasons behind this is his stardom.

Jungkook has often mentioned how he was a mischievous child, but felt intimidated when he was in large crowds. He also once recalled how he began to shrink when surrounded by people and became a shy person.

In 2019, during an interview with Paper Magazine, Jungkook revealed how his global fame is also one of the reasons why he is a shy person. Left and Right Singer said, “When I said or did something that caused a problem or disappointed people. I realized that I should think twice before doing anything and not forget where I am, no matter what situation I am in. Pressure [of being perfect] There always is.” However, he added that he was trying to improve and added, “But I want to show them that I am improving.”

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