When Chunky Panday Recalled His Past Life In Colonial India & Dying After An Attack On His Ship

When Chunky Pandey recalled his past life in colonial India and saw a British girl ‘Rebecca’ hosted by Ravi Kishan in ‘Raj Pehte Janam Ka’ (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Reality television shows are nothing new. From Bigg Boss to a plethora of dance reality shows, the audience has been captivated by these shows. One of them was Raaz Past Janam Ka, hosted by Ravi Kishan, which made headlines back in the day.

Back in 2010, Bollywood actor, Chunky Pandey appeared in the show. The actor went on to national TV in his previous life. He then reveals that he can see his ‘past life’, and that he was killed on a ship in colonial India.

a video from Ravi Kishan The hosted show Raaz Past Janam Ka was recently shared by a meme page on Instagram. In the clip, Ravi introduces the concept of the show, and explains the therapy session to help people get to the bottom of their fears by coping with trauma from past lives.

During the session, Chunky Pandey said that he saw his ‘past life’ in colonial India, where he was assigned the task of transporting gold to Goa during the British rule. He said that he also saw a British girl, whose name he remembered as Rebecca. chunky Said that his ship was attacked and he died there. Take a look at the video below:

Netizens seemed unhappy with the reality show. Many came to the comments section and recalled how they watched the show as kids, while others said how absurd the premise was. One user wrote, ‘I used to watch this with my sister,’ while another user commented, ‘Wow Chunky Pandey is acting such a great once in his life.’

A third user wrote, “Whoever is making fun of this, please read about past life regression therapy. It’s really possible. However, it’s definitely 200% scripted.” A fourth user wrote, ” When it’s about to end he’ll be like “I’m juking.”

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