When Hrithik Roshan Was Reportedly Declared The Next James Bond After Peirce Bronson On A April Fools Day!

When Hrithik Roshan was claimed to be playing James Bond in 2002 (Photo Credits: Instagram/Hrithikroshan, movie stills)

The character of James Bond remains rent-free in our minds. Created by novelist Ian Fleming in 1953, the character was brought to life in 1962 through the film ‘Dr. was as an agent.

Everyone who has played Agent 007 till now has completely mesmerized us with their breathtaking looks. Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Pierce Bronson, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, each of whom have nominated characters for their respective JB films. However, did you know that in 2002, a rumor claimed that the franchise had found its next bond in Hrithik Roshan?

It might come as a sudden surprise, right? Well, even in the year this news was completely shocking. So in 2002, The Times of India reported that the James Bond franchise had chosen the Greek god of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan As his next secret agent for his next three films, news was released while Pierce Bronson was filming his last Bond film, Die Another Day.

The quote from the report read, “With James BondWith the fan following declining among the younger segment of the audience over the years, we have decided to cast a relatively young actor as Bond,” adds the source. “Hollywood insiders reveal that 12 actors from across the world were roped in to play Bond before Hrithik was roped in. Among those considered for the role were Brad Pitt, Ethan Hawke and new Australian sensation Peter Roux. Hrithik’s Italian looks and pelvic thrusts tilt the scales in his favor,” the source added.

Well, the day the news came out, it was April 1, 2002 (April Fools’ Day). The news portal seems to have played a joke with all its readers, especially HR fans.

Would you like to see Hrithik Roshan as James Bond after Daniel Craig? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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