When ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr Once Called Chris Evans “Flaky” & Praised The Captain America Star, “He Is The First Guy You Would Want To…”

When ‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr. once called Chris Evans “flaky” (photo credit – still show)

Just as Iron Man and Captain America are in the Avengers movies, so are Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans in real life. They love and respect each other a lot but do not leave any chance to troll each other whenever they get a chance. Their off-screen bromance is very popular among their fans, and honestly, we love them together. Did you know that once in a media interaction, Robert confessed that he thinks Evans is ‘flaky’. Yes that is correct. Scroll down to know why he said so!

There’s a massive war between Iron Man fans and captain american Who is better about fans. But anyway, apart from all that, the actors playing the characters really like each other, and we get to see proof of that every time they talk about each other to any media.

During a conversation with Joe Rogan on his podcast, Robert Downey Jr. talked about how he likes working with his co-stars, and said, “My M.O. is let’s brainstorm and work together.” Let’s spend the weekend and spend some quality time because you can’t replace that familiarity, but so you have to make an effort to build it up. And sometimes it just happens naturally.”

Robert Downey Jr further said that he adores Chris Evans and while talking about his relationship with him, he shared how he is in real life. Robert said, “I can’t even tell you why, he’s a Boston boy. He’s technically and such a brilliant actor but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s flaky but he’s the first guy You’ll want to lend your support if something goes wrong.

well we all know it was Robert Downey Jr Who convinced Chris Evans to take the part, and as it seems, we might never have gotten the best played Iron Man and Captain America if it weren’t for him! What are your thoughts? Tell us!

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