When Johnny Depp Revealed The Wildest Place He’s Hooked Up At, His Favourite Kiss Among Co-Stars The Answers Will Leave Your Eyes Popping Out! Watch

Johnny Depp just revealed his favorite kiss between his co-stars! (Photo Credit-Wikimedia)

Johnny Depp has been quite the lover boy. He has dated some of the most famous names including Kate Winslet, Winona Ryder, and Jennifer Grey. While there have been many others, the most controversial relationship has been with ex-wife Amber Heard. But do you know where is the wildest place your favorite superstar has visited? Scroll down as we detail some of his lesser known secrets!

As most people know, Johnny has been very unlucky in love. He was married to makeup artist Lori Anne Allison for 2 years. After their separation, he dated several women and even got engaged jennifer gray and Sherilyn Finn. A similar route happened with Winona Ryder but it was only with Vanessa Paradis That she finally tied the knot and welcomed two beautiful children. Everyone knows his next relationship with Amber Heard and how it all ended.

It was once on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that Johnny Depp revealed his wildest secrets. During the rapid-fire round, the host asked them, “What’s the weirdest place you’ve been?” To this the superstar replied, “Ek gaadi ki dikki… ek car ki dikki.. bandh mein.” The audience began to applaud for her, but Ellen interrupted and clarified, “No way… She’s not serious… There’s no way.”

“Who was your first celebrity crush?” Ellen DeGeneres asked the question, to which Johnny Depp hilariously replied, “Carol Channing.”

The most interesting part was seen when the host quipped, “Who is the best kisser out of all your co-stars?”

Johnny Depp surprises everyone with his answer to “Javier Bardem”.

For the unversed, Johnny and Javier were part of the film Before Night Falls, which was about a gay Cuban poet.

Well, nobody could be as goth as Johnny Depp. Isn’t it?

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