When Kareena Kapoor Khan Opened Up On The Stigma Of Periods, “If A Woman Cannot Come To Work, Every Company Should Understand That”

When Kareena Kapoor Khan opened up on the stigma of periods (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Women are multitaskers and it’s true when you say that. They are the backbone of every household and well, they basically drive the show from the inside out. Once Kareena Kapoor Khan spoke openly about the stigma associated with periods and gave a practical thought on it in an interview. Not only this, she also revealed how she deals with her menstrual issues which has inspired millions of her fans across the world. Scroll down to read the scoop.

Although we have made a lot of progress as a society, but there is still a lot of stigma around periods. Every woman has her own way of dealing with the problem of menstruation, for some it is very painful and for some it does not bother that much. Karina once addressed the topic correctly and became the topic of town.

In an interview with ETimes, Kareena Kapoor Khan talked about periods and said, “Every woman’s body is different, and their comfort level is different. Some people have back pain or terrible cramps, and If a woman can’t come to work, every company should understand that.

Sharing her experience, Kareena Kapoor Khan said, “For example, I might not have cramps, but I couldn’t do certain songs when I had my periods, so I’ve managed my work around that. Or the production house should understand this. It is a natural thing, and women should do what is best for them.”

Well, it’s a practical idea that most women can relate to. And he set an example by talking about period stigma in our country.

What are your thoughts on Kareena Kapoor Khan addressing menstrual issues? Tell us in the comments below.

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