When KRK Went On A Hunt For Bollywood’s Biggest B**t & Sonakshi Sinha Shot Back, “He Deserves To Be Hung Upside Down & Given 4 Tight Slaps”

When Sonakshi Sinha tried to hang KRK upside down and later slapped him 4 hard after tweeting wrong (Photo Credits: KRK/YouTube/Instagram)

Kamal R Khan, aka. KRK calls himself a film critic and shares hateful tweets that can upset even the most passive and intelligent monks. He often gets in trouble for his antics for disparaging remarks towards Bollywood actors and actresses. Sonakshi Sinha once even called her for her objectionable comments.

Back in 2014, the Traitors actor tweeted that no Bollywood actress has a poster like Kim Kardashian. His remarks came after the American TV personality n*ked – wearing a pearl necklace and gloves – on display for a magazine with his oiled buttocks wearing nothing.

KRK did not stop here. He surveyed Bollywood actresses Like Parineeti Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Sonakshi Sinha. Little did he know, however, that one of them would actually hit back at him. She is none other than a Dabangg actress.

He then tweeted, “Please RT this if you think @deepikapadukone has the biggest b**t in bollywood” followed by “Pls RT if you think katrina has the biggest b*t in bollywood” *t has” and “Please RT this if you think @ParineetiChopra has the biggest butt in Bollywood”.

Sona hit back and tweeted, “Please RT this if you think @kamaalrkhan is a disrespectful woman to waste of space and should be hanged upside down and slapped 4 hard.”

Sonakshi’s tweet went viral within minutes. Soon Kamal R Khan initially tries to make the best of his situation by saying that the move has disqualified Sonakshi from the prestigious competition. However, when he realized that his move backfired, he tried to apologize somewhat.

KRK then tweeted, “Dear @sonakshisinha ji I am really sorry if you took this in a derogatory way. It’s just a poll to choose the sexiest actress BollywoodHe then tweeted another, “As you @sonakshisinha feel this survey is an insult to woman, so you are unqualified and out of competition. Sorry to hurt your sentiments.”

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