When Miley Cyrus Rubbed Her A** In A N*de Bikini On Robin Thicke During A Live Performance Making Everyone Scream Sensually!

When Miley Cyrus rubbed her a** on Robin Thicke in an a*d bikini during a live performance (Photo Credits – Instagram; YouTube)

Starting her career with Disney, Miley Cyrus went on to become one of the most popular and biggest celebrities in the world. She played the iconic character of Hannah Montana in the show and became hugely popular for her performance in it. Miley is a multi-talented personality and today, we remind you of the time when, in 2013, the singer wore a colorful bikini and rubbed it on Robin Thicke during her MTV Awards live performance. Scroll down to watch the video.

With more than 192 million followers on Instagram, Miley is extremely popular among her fans on social media. She often shares her aesthetically pleasing pictures from her concerts for fans on the photo-sharing site, bringing her top-notch fashion affair to fans.

Back in 2013, Miley Cyrus gave a bold yet shocking performance at the MTV Awards and fans went gaga over it. During her performance, she rubbed a** on Robin Thicke in a bikini and it left everyone speechless.

What Her Fans Didn’t Expect To Grieve And It’s One Of The Most Iconic Moments History MTV Awards. Watch her video below:

Oh La la. Although this is not the first time Miley Cyrus has done something bold on stage. He is one of the best actors when it comes to his presence on television.

Meanwhile, the singer is coming up with a new song on January 13 and took to her Instagram to announce, he Wrote, “New Year, New Miley, New Single. Flowers January 13th.

What are your thoughts on her 2013 MTV Awards performance with Robin Thicke? Tell us in the space below.

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