When Miley Cyrus Went Br*less While Hiding Her N*pples With Silver Latex Straps & Her Vajayjay With Crystals, Showing Us How Robots In 2050 Would Look Like!

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When Miley Cyrus went bra*less hiding her n*bles with silver straps and her lady parts with crystals (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Miley Cyrus is way ahead of her time, and she expresses it time and again with her outfits. People may hate her spirited fit or crush her to death, the singer certainly isn’t going to change her style. At every show every year, she strives to show off unusual silhouettes that leave little to the imagination and spread body-positivity. Today, we’re decoding one of her iconic looks from 2015 that garnered a lot of attention and was even called ‘wacky’.

The singer has the ability to create drama and isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers the wrong way. She has been vocal about not objectifying her b**bs and n*pples and has often exposed them to prove her point. She did the same at a 2015 event, where she stunned everyone in a strappy dress with jewels.

Miley Cyrus wore an unusual outfit at the MTV VMAs 2015 and looked super bold and stunning. Her dress was certainly ahead of its time, and hence, it received its fair share of criticism as well. But despite the eight years that have passed, it remains one of the singer’s most iconic looks. She wore a custom Versace dress and was styled by Simone Haroche. The top was made of nothing but shiny silver strips that looked like faux leather. It wrapped around the singer like a harness and covered only her nipples, forming a belt around the neck and waist.

To keep an eye:

For the lowers, Miley Cyrus wore a silver and peach crystal bejeweled skirt that left everyone wondering if she was wearing anything underneath. Well, she was wearing a *d* outfit to cover up her lady parts. flower singer Accessorize the look with silver knee-high glitter boots in a velvet leather finish with pointed toes.

wrecking ball The singer curled her hair into individual strands and tied them in a high ponytail. She secured it with a band that looked like aluminum foil, but considering the whole look, surprisingly, that wasn’t the weirdest part of the costume. Miley wore bright red lipstick on a dewy base and flaunted icy blue eye shadow.

We give Miley Cyrus a ten out of ten for her unforgettable look.

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