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    When Paris Hilton Confessed To Her Weird Hobby Of Hunting Frogs & Claimed To Be More Human Than Hunters

    did you know? Paris Hilton has a strange hobby of hunting frogs but there is a catch (Photo Credits: Instagram)

    The lifestyle of the rich and famous has always fascinated us. People just can’t get enough of it. While actors and singers get a lot of coverage, sometimes even socialites like Paris Hilton become the center of all the media attention and frenzy.

    American media personality, socialite and model Paris Comes from a very wealthy family. She has been in the limelight since childhood and also knows a thing or two about having a good time. Many assume that the heiress will have many hobbies that can be expensive but one of the things she really likes is relatively inexpensive.

    What comes as a surprise to many is that Paris Hilton’s one hobby can take many leaps out of her skin. Reportedly, he enjoys collecting frogs and releasing them back into the wild. The Daily Express quoted Hilton as saying, “I’m actually a real tomboy. A lot of people only see me on the runway, or at parties, or on the red carpet. I usually go to the pet store or on my farm.” Or on the farm. And I love going fishing and I love watching frogs — like, I’m really random like that.”

    The socialite also said, “I guess people don’t realize that I’m a little kid at heart. If people don’t know me, they don’t understand that I’m too childish. My favorite thing is to do sports. I like to play ice hockey or go windsurfing. I love to play basketball. I’m like a tomboy at heart and I guess not many people know that.”

    Paris Hilton spends most of her free time chasing green amphibians, unlike most hunters she is more humane as she prefers to release them back into the wild later. The Simple Life reality TV star told The Sun, “I love frog hunting. I go to my fields. I have one near Oakland, California, and the other in Nevada, and I have an island. So I catch the frogs and put them in a bucket and then let them go.”

    So what do you think Paris Hilton’s Hobby? Tell us in the comments.

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