When Quentin Tarantino Said, “Oh, Suck A D*ck” To Bruce Lee Fans Criticising Him For His Controversial Portrayal In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Here’s The Entire Story!

Quentin Tarantino was once criticized for portraying Bruce Lee (Photo Credits – Wikimedia; Movie Still)

Quentin Tarantino is one of the finest filmmakers of his generation who has given audiences many cinematic blockbusters. However, his film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, sparked some controversy surrounding its portrayal of Bruce Lee. As the film’s plot was fictional, it contained elements of real-life events that took place in the 1960s and involved some real people. Reacting to the same, Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee slammed the director for his “irresponsible” portrayal of the martial arts icon.

Sharing her opinion about the film, Shannon also said that the film created lasting negative thoughts about her father. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood featured a scene where actor Mike Moh played Bruce Lee, reportedly because of China’s refusal to release “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” in theaters until that it has not been removed. However, the director defended his portrayal, saying that Lee was “an egotistical person” in real life. Read on to know what else he had to say about the criticism.

During a talk on The Joe Rogan Experience, the filmmaker sympathized with Shannon Lee for being troubled by the “Hollywood” version of Bruce Lee. “Where I’m coming from I can understand that his daughter has a problem with this. It’s his fucking dad. I get it,” said Quentin Tarantino. However, he stood up against someone else who had a problem and said, “But someone else, oh, ed*ck suck!”

Later in conversation, he explained what he wrote about the scene in the novel. “Bruce really didn’t want to hurt Cliff. He just wanted to show him,” said the filmmaker. Bruce Lee’s daughter said after watching the film tarantino “It seems to have gone out of its way to mock my father and portray him as a clown.”

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