When Rishi Kapoor Got Neetu Kapoor’s “I’m So Ashamed Of You…” As A Reaction To His Steamy Kissing Scenes With Dimple Kapadia

When Rishi Kapoor was eagerly waiting for Neetu Kapoor’s reaction on his kissing scene with Dimple Kapadia (Photo Credits – Instagram; Wikimedia)

The love story of late Rishi Kapoor with Neetu Kapoor is known to every Bollywood fan. The actress who rocked the big screen with her films was one of the most successful actresses of all time. She not only gave her contemporaries a run for the money but also won accolades for her performances in films that broke and set many records. However, based on the success of her prosperous career, she decided to leave it at the age of 22.

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh got married in 1980 after getting engaged a year earlier. The couple then welcomed their first child- a girl. Riddhima in the same year.

Neetu Kapoor wrote the latter in Rishi Kapoor’s memoir Khullam Khulla, where she spilled the beans on some unknown facts about her and the veteran actor’s professional life. In the same memoir, Neetu Kapoor had revealed how she once called him a bad on-screen kisser. Speaking about the same, the Jug-Jag Jio actress had said, “I don’t entertain feelings of jealousy or meanness, and I have always been confident about the special relationship we share.”

Taking forward the details about the same, Neetu Kapoor wrote, “(Rishi) was sure I would pounce on him as soon as the screening was over. So while I was watching the film silently, he waited nervously for my response and later got into the car without saying anything. Then I turned to him and said, ‘Bob, I’m so ashamed of you. How could you be such a bad kisser? I expected you to be cooler, more with it.’ I could see that he almost fainted with relief.”

Apart from this, Neetu Kapoor also revealed, “He used to drink his whiskey and get up high every evening. In that state, a lot always left his chest. Without realizing that he was confiding in his wife and was not a male friend, he would reveal everything about the girl he was interested in. ,

Meanwhile, Neetu Kapoor returns to acting with Karan Johar’s film live the world Which did very well at the box office.

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