When Ryan Reynolds Revealed “S*x Is Totally Normal” With Wifey Blake Lively Oversharing His ‘Sshhh’ Bedroom Secrets

When Ryan Reynolds Revealed That “S*x Is Totally Normal” Lively Sharing His ‘Shush’ Bedroom Secrets With Wife Blake – Deets Inside (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one of the cutest couples in the world. The couple has a huge fan following because of how transparent and honest and trustworthy they are during their interviews. Be it their parenting skills, moments of PDA or bedroom secrets, both the actors never miss an opportunity to give their fans couple goals. Today, we bring you a throwback to when Ryan opened up about his sex life with his wife Blake Lively on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show. Scroll down to read the scoop.

Now Ryan as we know it is quite popular among his fans for his humor. He leaves no chance to make headlines with his quirky wit and humour, and when Jimmy asked him about his wife Blake and kids on his show, the Deadpool actor couldn’t hold back and took a jibe at their sex life. . Haha!

Jimmy Fallon asked Ryan Reynolds, “How’s Black? How’s the kids?” Replying to the host, the actor said, “You know, they are all good. Blake—No personal question, by the way. But Blake is great. s*x is completely normal.”

Jimmy Fallon quipped and said, “I wasn’t going to ask that.” Ryan Reynolds Then said, “Hey, hey, hey! Pump the s*x brakes, Jimmy. I didn’t ask any personal questions, and you’re going right on it, okay? Barbara Walters, easy.”

Watch their conversation here:

Haha! It was one hell of an appearance made entirely by the Deadpool actor.

What are your thoughts on Ryan Reynolds spilling the beans on his sex life with his wife Blake Lively? Tell us in the space below.

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