When Ryan Reynolds Took A Hilarious & Sassy Dig At Superman Henry Cavill For His Infamous Mustache Controversy- Watch

Ryan Reynolds once took a hilarious and sassy dig at Superman Henry Cavill over the CGI controversy (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Ryan Reynolds is unquestionably one of the funniest celebrities in the West and must we say that if he weren’t an actor, he probably would have been a comedian. His sizzling yet hilarious chemistry with the actor and his wife Blake Lively is a huge hit on the internet and rightly so. The man spares no one to make his audience laugh, and that’s exactly what he did when promoting his alcohol brand, taking a dig at Henry Cavill and his famous superhero character Superman.

For those unaware, Ryan was last seen playing the lead role in The Adam Project, which hit the market in February this year. The film was directed by Sean Levy and starred Walker Scobel and Jennifer Garner in the lead roles. Despite the pandemic, he did so in 2021 as many of his films like Hitman’s wife’s bodyguard And issued a red notice and did a good job.

Back in 2019, Ryan Reynolds was promoting his alcohol brand and selling gin in particular via an Instagram video and let’s address the fact that the clip was incredibly sassy. He decided to make an indirect reference to Henry Cavill’s famous mustache controversy that was all over the internet at the time.

In case you are unaware, before the release of his film Justice League, Henry Cavill Superman, who plays Superman in the film, had to reshoot several scenes but the problem was that he was already maintaining a distinctive appearance for his next film. In his next film, Mission: Impossible: Fallout, which also starred Tom Cruise, Henry required a mustache on his face and, therefore, could not shave it for recapitulation.

The Justice League production house decided to hide the mustache in the re-shot scenes, which made it look like Henry Cavill was clean shaven.

Coming back to the topic, Ryan Reynolds decided to take an indirect dig at Henry Cavill through this video. He was seen with a mustache in the Insta clip and at the end of the vid, even added some spice to it through a bad CGI effect. have a look.

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