When Salma Hayek Went Topless Covering Her Bre*sts With Her Hands Painting The Most Colourful & Wild Imaginations While Taking Everyone’s Breath Away

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Salma Hayek once went topless to cover her busty assets with her hands (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Salma Hayek, the name alone is enough to get your imagination flying and over the years she has impressed fans with her bold fashion. The 50-plus-something Mexican beauty stunned everyone with her style and proudly flaunted her beautiful body effortlessly, and a few years back, she went topless for a prestigious publication, and today, we are here to see her in that look. to decode, then stay till the end of this article.

Salma has been called one of the most influential Latina actresses in Hollywood, and let’s not forget, and her beauty is unparalleled even at this age. Her portrayal as the great Frida Kahlo is still one of the iconic roles the actress has played on screen, and her great chemistry with other actors throughout her career is truly amazing.

The throwback picture is from Allure Magazine, posted a while back Twitter by Joan Dark, where Salma Hayek just showed it all off with her panache and beauty galore. According to the source, in 2015 she was photographed by Patrick Demarchelier to be completely topless, with her hands covering her assets. The black and white pictures will spark many colorful fantasies in your head, and we are pretty sure of that! Her sharp facial features and those piercing eyes look right through someone’s soul.

Since the picture is in black and white, it is difficult to make out her makeup, but it is quite evident that she has a crystal clear face which is well nourished and well moisturised. For her eyes, heavy kohl was applied along with loads of eyeliner and kajal to give them ample definition and depth. Her eyebrows were also properly groomed and groomed, her hair was tied up and she had some loose curls framing her face. Frida The actress looks like a beautiful dream at least for her fans, whom she seems to be completely mesmerized by!

Check out the throwback picture here:

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