When Sanjay Dutt Swore To Teach A Lesson To Rajesh Khanna After Tina Munim Walked Out On Him: “I Would Have Walloped The F*cking Sh*t Out Of Him”

After Tina Munim’s breakup with Sanjay Dutt, the actor went to Mehboob studio to beat Rajesh Khanna (Photo Credits – Wikimedia)

In the past, Sanjay Dutt was majorly in the news for his personal life controversies more than his films. From drug addiction to possessive boyfriend and even being associated with the underworld, the actor has been a part of many such headlines. Similarly, there was a time when he went to Mehboob Studio to beat up Rajesh Khanna due to heartbreak.

Several such incidents were exposed in the 2019 biopic of the actor, starring Sanju Ranbir KapoorHowever, over the years, the makers have spoken out about the film’s flaws and mistakes.

When the book ‘Sanjay Dutt – The Untold Story of Bollywood’s Bad Boy’ was launched, it had several past incidents and one of them was his relationship with Tina Munim, whom he met and fell in love with while shooting for Rocky. However, when Sanjay’s drug addiction escalated, Tina distanced herself from the Munna Bhai star.

Around the same time, Tina Munim signed a film with Rajesh Khanna. Later, gossip about their alleged relationship made headlines and being a possessive boyfriend, Sanjay Dutt reached Mehboob Studio to beat up Rajesh Khanna.

As per the book, Sanjay was quoted as saying, “Take my relationship with Tina for example. The whole world knew that she was fooling everyone, kissing me, but I behaved like a blind man and completely defended her. Of course, at the end of it, when our relationship came to an end and her affair or whatever came out with Rajesh, I felt like a fool. I felt used. I knew I was the laughing stock of the industry. Everyone was laughing at me.”

Talking about teaching further lessons Rajesh Khanna, Sanjay Dutt revealed, “It happened soon after Tina walked up to me. I don’t know what happened to me that day. But I was filled with anger… I couldn’t bear the fact that someone had walked up to me. So in anger I swore to get Rajesh. I went to the studio where he was shooting. He came out and sat down on a chair. I also pulled a chair right in front of him and sat on the opposite side. Then I stared at him and he was completely stunned. I would stick the f*cking sh*t out of it to the wall. But he just kept sitting. Lucky for him. ,

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