When Tobey Maguire Went Topless For An Action Scene In Spider-Man To Convince The Makers, Locking The Hefty $30 Million Payday!

When Tobey Maguire revealed he had to strip down for an action scene at an audition (Photo Credits – Movie Still)

It was Sam Raimi who first introduced our friendly neighborhood superheroes through Tobey Maguire, who was not born with powers, but happened to get one. However, Toby ruled our hearts as the first live-action Spider-Man, looking so genuine and innocent. However, did you know that Marvel Studios weren’t sold on Toby becoming Spider-Man, even though Sam Raimi had one in his head? Yes that is correct. Scroll down to read what she did to lock in the role!

After Toby, Andrew Garfield Wore the Shoes as Amazing Spider Man, and later, Tom Holland became the Spider-Man of the MCU who is now ruling our hearts. However, Spider-Man: No Way Home will always be special because it got us back to our childhood days through Toby and Andrew.

how come back now Tobey Maguire Sam Raimi secured the role of being Spider-Man. In a 2002 interview with Howard Stern, Tobey could be heard saying, “In Sam’s mind I think I was that person, but the studio wasn’t sold on me.” When the host asked if it was true that Sam then went on to shoot some kind of movie with him to prove he would make a good Spider-Man, Toby revealed “It was a little process. We did a Shot an audition tape in the room and sent it to him. It took him a few days to watch it and even though it bruised my ego a bit. But then he saw the tape and said ‘we know he can act’ Let’s see if he can do an action scene ‘.

Tobey Maguire continued, “So we did a proper action scene and I wore a blue unitard that compresses the muscles so you can see the definition and I was in pretty good shape so I stripped that thing down, put it on my Tied around the waist and doing the action scene topless, Howard can then be heard saying that it was an instinctive move as he received a salary of $30 million from the films.

Watch the full interview here:

Well, Tobey Maguire sure knows how to impress! *wink* Do you know about this incident? Tell us!

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